Monday, October 08, 2012

pull out...?

what a hectic day! physically and emotionally. i was in the middle of chaos with the letters  for the sponsors when the boys came and told me about  their decision to pull out from the team at the very last moment!!! the whole team was emotionally affected by their words not to involved in the competition anymore...reasons by HB - "i couldn't give commitment anymore. in addition, my mother scolded me due to bad result during mid-year examination". as for NI - he said nothing and didn't dare to look at my eyes! "am sorry teacher"...that's the only words he uttered before he left the conversation...what faults we've done to them? F and me didn't even disturbed them before/during the examination. we've started the intensive training right after the examination over...sighs. boys...

i've told them to write a letter to F and the principal saying reasons why they want to pull out from the team. let's make it as professional as this will be a lesson to each one of us. i was piss off but i can't do anything. HB is confirmed not to get involved. not sure...tomorrow has the answer.

F...i don't know his reaction towards this matter. my heart pounding as i told him via sms just now..don't be mad to hear this news...i also told him that i've instructed the boys to write a formal letter each and consult the two of them (F & TP) and he didn't reply the 2nd sms. let's wait for tomorrow...

what ever your decision will be, the girls and me will always be your right hands...just don't leave us alone F...we can't make it without you.

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