Monday, October 08, 2012

pull out...?

what a hectic day! physically and emotionally. i was in the middle of chaos with the letters  for the sponsors when the boys came and told me about  their decision to pull out from the team at the very last moment!!! the whole team was emotionally affected by their words not to involved in the competition anymore...reasons by HB - "i couldn't give commitment anymore. in addition, my mother scolded me due to bad result during mid-year examination". as for NI - he said nothing and didn't dare to look at my eyes! "am sorry teacher"...that's the only words he uttered before he left the conversation...what faults we've done to them? F and me didn't even disturbed them before/during the examination. we've started the intensive training right after the examination over...sighs. boys...

i've told them to write a letter to F and the principal saying reasons why they want to pull out from the team. let's make it as professional as this will be a lesson to each one of us. i was piss off but i can't do anything. HB is confirmed not to get involved. not sure...tomorrow has the answer.

F...i don't know his reaction towards this matter. my heart pounding as i told him via sms just now..don't be mad to hear this news...i also told him that i've instructed the boys to write a formal letter each and consult the two of them (F & TP) and he didn't reply the 2nd sms. let's wait for tomorrow...

what ever your decision will be, the girls and me will always be your right hands...just don't leave us alone F...we can't make it without you.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 we come!

DUMA ONE competes in NATIONAL!!!

Ranking for F1 In Schools Challenge for National Competition 2012

F1 in Schools Challenge - South Zone


the winners of Negeri SEmbilan Contingent with En Hamid JPNS

Duma One, Secret Circuit and X-Celero

the live timing result

the South Zone Standing Result

Friday, September 14, 2012



alhamdulillah we've won overall champion during the competition.
the team members. clockwise: hazrul, huda, amalina, iddin

the banner

the vvip: the head sector of curricular, jpns

yay!!! we are the champion!!!
the newspaper article featured in berita harian
total marks
the cars during painting process

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


i've been thinking for quite sometimes...something will happen to me...i'll be injuring my leg...and finally, i really injured my legs and right knee this morning. phewww! luckily it was not serious but still have to take remedy...applied gamat oil on the areas and need to lay down...ouch!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

a memory

A new year has arrived and a new beginning of another journey in my life. Quite hard to start the day as I was given unfamiliar classes and of course the students. Never teach them formally and need to build chemical bond with them in order to have wonderful year before they sit for SPM examination.

Below was an account of what I felt the moment I stepped into the memorable class...

went to 5 Zuhal yesterday morning but my students were not in! the class was empty! where were you? are you hiding from me? i'll teach you a lesson when we meet!
...actually the students were in later but they're not the 2011's batch...:(

Thursday at 01:09

Mastura Manap, Muhamad Azizi, ANgah Lc and 4 others like this

Hamdan Nazri Rindu lettew? Hihi
Thursday at 01:12 ·

Nazrul Hani hihihi. hye hamdan. taught a few of them since they're f1 tuuu except f4. feel weird plak kan. now nk kene biasakan diri dgn anak2 murid baru yg belum pernah di ajar formally.

Thursday at 01:16 ·

Peter Theng miss 5Z (2008)?

Thursday at 01:25 · · 2

Syahmi Nordin kompom kes rindu nih..hahaThursday at 02:18 · · 2

Syahmi Nordin Ku disini ada utkmu...muah3

Thursday at 02:26 · · 1

Eqa Norezan miss teacher jugak meyh :'(
Thursday at 02:28 · · 1

Imran Ramli haha.. Teacher !! U always in 0ur mind !! ^__^
Thursday at 02:28 · · 2

Syahmi Nordin Haha...imran sdey pulak rse
Thursday at 02:29 · · 2

Eqa Norezan imran msg ak, trus aku bukak fb smate-2 nk bce status ni. huwaaa sedey !! rndu teacher !! rndu 5 zuhal 2011 :'(
Thursday at 02:30 · · 2

Syahmi Nordin Haha...itu tnde syg...
Malam2 begini tgkp pilu bai

Thursday at 02:33 · · 1

Eqa Norezan jom jmpe ! huwaaaaa . nk skola blek !

Thursday at 02:36 ·

Imran Ramli X nk ! S0k kne marah.. Dye da ckp dlu da nk r0tan aq awl2..ish3
Thursday at 02:38 · · 1

Eqa Norezan ala imran, rotan je pun. ape la sgt kan. hahaha
Thursday at 02:39 · · 1

Syahmi Nordin Aku dah malas nk kene cubit..haha

Thursday at 02:44 · · 1

Azima Mohd Zain nak nangesh ... huwaaaa !!! sobsobsob :'(
but dun worry tc alwys in my heart ! betol ta kengkawanku syg ?? .. :))

Thursday at 11:25 · · 1

Eqa Norezan btowl-3. tcer la ckgu trbaik yg pnh kteowg jmpe. syg tcer :)
Thursday at 11:58 · · 1

Imran Ramli oii3.. da2 la tu membodek !

Thursday at 13:14 · · 1

Eqa Norezan dek apo imran ni. mne ade membodek,. jeles lettuw :P
Thursday at 13:14 ·

Kickey Zulkifli Nanges2 .. Miz teacher n fren .. Huuwwwaaaaaa
Thursday at 13:46 · · 1

Eqa Norezan kiki stop ! kau nges buruk la weyy ! HAHAHA

Thursday at 13:53 ·

Kickey Zulkifli hehehe .. bukn sng tengok aku nanes KAN ??
Thursday at 13:54 ·

Eqa Norezan mmg tak pnh tngok kau nges. HAHAHA. cmno la roman kau ek ble nanges? sumpah lawak !
Thursday at 13:54 ·

ANgah Lc aq x tau nk ckap mcm yg aq bly ckap aq nk sngat msuk skolah rindu kat kelas 5z...
Thursday at 14:52 ·

Nazrul Hani hello everybody!!! how's life? school sick eh? uhhh sy kat duma ni missing you. bila shakinah dtg ke blk guru tgh hr semlm ilang rindu. dia sorg je baik dtg jengok kami yg kamu tinggalkan ni...kan kak Rozaimah Abu Samah kan? am hoping everybody will do something beneficial while waiting for your result! ;)
Thursday at 17:46 · · 2

Nazrul Hani Peter Theng Naseeha Che Mat of course am missing 5Z 2008 too ;)
Thursday at 17:52 · · 2

Peter Theng i aso miss teacher...haha...long time no r u???
Thursday at 18:02 ·

Nazrul Hani am fine theng. how bout u?

Thursday at 18:04 · · 1

Eqa Norezan Muhammad Nazif Nst ini ha :)

Thursday at 22:16 ·

Peter Theng Nazrul Hani,me too...jz open skul...haha

Thursday at 22:20 ·

Eqa Norezan Muhammad Nazif Nst :)
Thursday at 22:28 ·

Syahmi Nordin Yeh tecer..
Nk kteorg bwk rombongn skali x??haha

Yesterday at 00:22 · · 1

Nazrul Hani syahmi, blh je nk bw rombongan. jgn lupa hadiah dr seberang laut ekk :D

Yesterday at 23:38 · · 1

Nazrul Hani Muhammad Nazif Nst da bc post ni belom? komen sket :D

Yesterday at 23:57 ·

Syahmi Nordin Sberg laut??mana ad...
Xbrduit sumenye mak bapak berhad..haha

9 hours ago ·

Muhammad Nazif Nst owh tc...i feel so sad now...i mis u friend,my teachers.....

2 minutes ago ·

Nazrul Hani don't be nazif. u'll make me sad too. anyway life must go on. keep our sweet memories till the end of time :) it'll make us happy, right?
12 minutes ago ·

Muhammad Nazif Nst not just end of time tc,but untill the end of my life i'll rmember all of the sweet memories that happened in 5Z 2011....i'll nver frget sad,make me want to cry all night thinking about it... :'(
8 minutes ago · · 1

Nazrul Hani i actually read these comments after back from school (couldn't wait to on9 since at school!) which made me feel heartbreaking and honoured too. ade yg trus sms and on9...nak nangis la...tangkap pilu paling x nk :'( je ...x penah lak nk rs sedih2 mcm ni...
about a minute ago ·